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Animal Use


The carrier of these products is a unique patented hydrophilic gel made from seaweed colloids that are able to attract and hold onto water molecules, even retaining their structure in cold water. When the gels are applied water molecules are released quickly transporting active ingredients to the affected area.
A basic understanding of the body’s inflammatory response is necessary to appreciate how to use All Black ‘n Blue & Eze
Inflammation can be defined as a complex localised vascular and cellular reaction in response to injury or infection. The key words here are vascular and cellular: vascular because it revolves around changes to the capillary network, cellular because of the movements of the white blood cells from the blood into the damaged tissues.
It is important to understand that inflammation is a necessary step in linking tissue injury with tissue repair and regeneration. Ultimately it is a beneficial process but it can have harmful consequences; many of the symptoms of injury or disease are a direct consequence of the inflammatory process.
Regardless of the cause of injury (e.g. trauma, stress, heat, infection allergy) the same sequence oaf events occurs in each case, beginning with the release of inflammatory mediators from the injured cells. These mediators the initiate changes to the capillary network

Animal Ultra Hydration Gel

Pure marine moisture for dry skin of animals
A unique moisturizer made from seaweed colloids
Long lasting, no greasy residue, safe to lick
Used on dry skin of small animals
Insert the film talking about the chimps using it on their feet.
Spray four to five times per day.Reduce application as skin texture improves to three times then twice daily.
When skin improved application in only required once every alternate day.
Use on cows teats
Approved for use on cows teats to help prevent cracks and fissures which can be prone to infection.
After milking draft appropriate cows off from herd . Spray gel onto teats and leave to absorb.
Safe to lick

Small animals
Animals with dry skin problems often constantly bite and scratch the problem area.
Prior to applying Animal Hydration Gel check with your Vet that there is no infection
Apply Animal Hydration Gel 4- 6 times per day either by spray or massage into area.
It will quickly absorb.
As dry skin improves, reduce applications to 3 times then twice daily.
Excess dry skin will exfoliate as skin becomes hydrated.
When skin of good texture application is only required once every alternate day until problem totally resolved.
Safe to lick
Does not tangle fur or hair.

Chronic Problems
Refers to a more persistent low grade inflammatory response over a longer period of time (weeks). It is characterized by predominately cellular changes. The only cardinal signs that consistently feature with chronic inflammation are pain and loss of function.
While and inflammatory response is predominately a beneficial process, the complex biochemical events that occur can initiate further damage. For this reason, it is important that the sequence of
inflammatory events be controlled as much as possible.
The application of cold therapy is traditionally the most effective way of achieving this. As already mentioned, the inflammatory response is centered around the capillary network. Cold therapy reduces the amount of vasodilatation and capillary blood flow thereby reducing the amount of selling. The main problem with cold therapy application is a practical one; it is difficult to keep cold temperatures consistently on an area for the necessary 48 hours. All Black ‘n Blue is an alternative to cold therapy. Its gentle application to an area of tissue damage produces a noticeable cooling effect as the hydrophilic gel releases water molecules onto the skin plus effective actives from the essential oils. All Black ‘n Blue with no Arnica contains no prohibited substances so can be used right up to and during competition. Massage Eze where there is soreness. Because it is a hydrophilic gel there is no build up of oil on the skin surface. This means the skin does not heat up with massage application and the skin is till able to sweat freely. It is particularly useful when applied under a Gamgee® pad and stable bandage.
The sequence of events are;
1. Vasodilation
2. Increase blood flow into the capillary network
3. Increase in permeability of the capillaries
4. Slowing of blood flow through the capillaries
5. Migration of White Blood Cells through capillary walls into the tissues
6. Breakdown of damaged and necrotic tissue by White Blood Cells
7. Removal of waste products.
8. Repair of damaged tissue by fibrosis and regeneration for new tissue by cell division.
Inflammation can be classified by several systems, the most common of which indicates the organ or tissues involving (myositis=inflammation of the muscles, arthritis=inflammation of the joints). The duration of the inflammation is another classification system that is used.
Acute inflammation refers to a short lived inflammatory response of several days duration, characterized predominately by vascular changes. These changes lead to what are termed the “Five cardinal signs of inflammation”
1. Heat; due to the increased blood flow
2. Redness; also due to the increase in blood flow
3. Swelling; due to the increase in blood flow
4. Swelling’ due to the movement of fluid from the capillaries into the tissues.
5. Pain; due to pressure on the nerve endings
6. Loss of Function; due to pain and selling.

• It is particularly useful when used as a leg cooler or tightner immediately after strenuous exercise;
• Where there maybe contributing pain from splints or shin soreness and spavins. Do not massage. Application with no friction allows for passive and slow diffusion of the gel to the required areas
• Good alternative if no ice is available however RICE treatment is very compatible
• When massaged the gel onto skin a warming effect is achieved. This is useful to bring blood to the area to assist with healing or to release muscle spasms around the injury
• Ideal to use on equine joints when a horse comes out of his stable