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Dianne Emmerson

About Dianne

Dianne has a wealth of experience she is a trained commercial pilot, a registered General / Maternity Nurse where she has specialised in Occupational Health Nursing. she has practiced nursing in public health and occupational health for the past 40 years ( comprised of 3 years rural, 2 years urban and 5 years occupational clinic and factory visiting), she then moved into the private sector where she  has been focused in the primary sector of poultry processing.

She enjoyed working with people within her community as a nurse. She completed the Advanced Diploma of Nursing in Community Nursing in 1983, quickly followed by a Bachelor of Theology and a Masters in Public Health completed in 1997 from here she then gained a certificate of Ergonomics and a certificate of MindBody Health Care.

She performs a lot of voluntary work within the community in First Aid and Counselling. Often some of the dysfunctional states are caused by musculoskeletal problems so at this point Dianne introduces the patients to the outstanding range of Nemidon products that can assist as part of first aid. Dianne also works with individuals, who are struggling to get back to a functional life and overall feeling of wellbeing.  Most of these cases are related to muscular/skeletal injuries or gradual process disease issues. These issues heavily impact on the wellbeing of the person who cannot meet the needs of their family, not just in financial terms but also general activities.

Dianne has many examples of the above but one that stood out for her was a young man with no family support in NZ, who had had 2 surgeries at the local hospital after falling off a step ladder at work and landing on his out stretched arm.  She was contacted by the community 18 months later, while on a visit to that city to do some work post amputation injury. The health and safety manager of the site asked Dianne about this young man. When Dianne meet him at the airport and began assessing his wrist, she knew if he can get to Auckland  she would get him in to see a top hand specialist, but more importantly Dianne gave him her own bottle of ‘All Black N Blue’ which he was to apply 4 hourly prior to the specialist visit. He came to Auckland and saw the specialist who did a 3rd surgery he regained 3/4 function back in his hand and within 12 weeks was back at work as a commercial painter. He continued to use the ‘All Black N Blue  and  Eze’ for the following 12 weeks. He now is specialising in all framing painting jobs and earning more money than before the accident.

How Dianne came to use Nemidon

“I have always used available creams / gels for topical application to help in the healing process. To reflect the pattern of work/rest –work/rest.

THEN years ago I saw a small paragraph in the herald that mentioned nemidon developing a seaweed gel, as scientifically it had just been reported in the science journal how important seaweed colloidal will be in the future of medicine. The major purchasing being All Black N Blue, and its follow-up Eze. It is appropriate for bruising and all muscular problems. I phoned the company and have been using it solely since as the people said it was a hit.

Even today the people using it for the first time say it is magic or miracle stuff.

I take the product with me everywhere and on overseas holidays. I also recommend the hydrating gel to diabetics especially for foot care.  

All Nemidon products, especially All Black N Blue are in my essential kit.

And I do not forget the animals as they can use these products also.”